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Leuer Imperiale stands out for the personality it brings to an already unique and outstanding collection of perfumes. An oriental floral experience that is going to help you stand out with gentle strength that gives way to a mystical personality.

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The journey through the scents contained within the Lueur Imperiale bottle is one that everyone should experience.

This is an adventure that includes several stages with their own unique sensations. This perfume merges the power of very different notes that create a harmonious environment that gives your skin a unique and elegant scent.

Top Notes: Saffron, Pimento, Orange
Middle Notes: Rose, Violet, Peony
Dry Notes: Oakmoss, Dry Amber, Praline, Musk


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Fragrance Type

Eau de Parfum

Target Group


Olfactive Family

Oriantal Floral


100ml – 3.34 fl.oz.





12 reviews for LUEUR IMPERIALE

  1. مريم

    العطر تحفة بمعنى الكلمه، روزي على زعفران بصراحة كل ما يهدئ العطر يبتدي الجمال ثابت على خط معين فوحان ممتاز وثبات جميل الرائحة وسعره وايد مناسب

  2. Rashid

    I like to try new fragrances, I was amazed by the bottle and packaging. Love at first sniff: elegant, beautiful, and clean. The smell was amazing and long lasting.

  3. Ricardo Jr.

    A wonderful oriental fragrance that lasts a long time and reminds me of 1001, will order it again… the price is somewhat sobering and dissuasive, not affordable for many!

  4. Nour

    It became my favorite fragrance!

  5. Marwa

    This is strong! 1 to 2 sprays lasts the whole day and it “sticks” to your clothes. I love a spray that is not overwhelming but I get compliments from lots of ladies and young girls wanting to know what I am wearing

  6. Bu Omar

    This fragrance is complex smell lets people know you are sophisticated and know what you are doing.

  7. بو خالد

    صراحة العطر فخامة

  8. ناصر أبو عمر

    العطر فنان و الغرشه مالتو جد فخمة

  9. Claire

    very impressed

  10. Shaun

    Very pleased with this product my Girlfirend was very impressed with the box let a loan the perfume, fantastic.

  11. ملك

    رائحته حلوة و مناسب للسهرات و الحفلات

  12. Nancy T.

    An amazing and long-lasting, orient-ish unusual fragrance which doesn’t offense nor intrudes. Even hubby likes to use it!

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