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Noir Obsidienne is a niche perfume which is a truly outstanding combination of notes that start strong, develop into a natural breeze and finish with a bold musky scent.

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Noir Obsidienne is a rare natural occurrence not everyone is privileged to witness. A word derived from beautifully forming curved glass – by rapidly cooling hot earthly fire.

It is an element of strong, internal, fierce passion with a cool and controlled outward display. This fragrance is worn when there is a story to be told, an adventure waiting to unfold.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Apple
Middle Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Jasmine
Dry Notes: Musk, Ambergris


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Fragrance Type

Eau de Parfum

Target Group


Olfactive Family

Woody, Ambery, Aromatic


100ml – 3.34 fl.oz.





17 reviews for NOIR OBSIDIENNE

  1. George

    I didn’t hear about this brand before, but it was recommended by one of my friend. I ordered this fragrance and it wasn’t a waste. The packaging was very elegant and I was unwilling to throw the box, so kept it on my dresser. The smell was refreshing and long lasting all the day. I was worried not to get any compliments because of the existing social distance, but honestly I got some of nice comments from my colleagues. The value of money is definitely considered for this fragrance and it worth it.

  2. Nancy

    I feel it is such a versatile scent and kind of more as a special occasion fragrance. Love this scent, lasts for ages, can still smell it on clothes next day. This is truly a must have!

  3. Faisal

    عطر رائع بكل المقاييس، من افتتاحيته الجميلة إلى قاعدة العطر. الصراحة هذا العطر يشبه كريد ولكن السعر وايد أرخص والعطر رائع من رائحة وثبات وفوحان. عطر فنان وريحته روعة.

  4. Dan


  5. Mike

    It’s worth it. Wonderful aroma. It makes you smell great.

  6. Abo Saif

    Amazing product and I love it

  7. Salah Massoud

    its so good and stay for a long time

  8. Mark Dave

    Gorgeous long lasting fragrance. Eau De Parfum So it really really lasts all day unlike cheaper brands. Lots of compliments.

  9. Sam. A.

    Many women have complimented me on wearing this scent. Lasts all day long.

  10. George

    Lovely item, put a big smile on my wife’s face when she received it.

  11. Ahmed

    Wow – classy and elegant

  12. خالد المزروعي

    العطر روعة و العلبة تهبل

  13. Farrell

    Loved this cologne & I got many compliments while wearing it!

  14. Kevin

    There has not been a time when I have been complemented on the fragrance both by men and women. Expect complements

  15. Jimmy Jason

    First time I buy Noir by leroza, let me say that the smell is unbelievable it’s sooo good.

  16. طلال

    رائحة مميزة و تعليقات حلوة من الجنس اللطيف على العطر

  17. Rob D

    The fragrance is amazing.. it makes people sniff me!

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